• fatima

    I joined KidoCode in early 2015 as intern while I was going for my Year 2 University Studies. Upon completion of my Level 2, I continued as a part time Junior developer and trainer mostly focusing on training kids and learning new technologies used at KidoCode, I attended KidoCode every day I didn’t have class and sometimes after classes. After successfully obtaining my Bachelors degree is Software Engineering I was offered a full time position as developer. And the journey goes on....

    (Software Developer @KidoCode)
  • Sarah studied Biomedical Engineering in UK. She joined KidoCode when she was 19 years old and been part of our Learn & Earn Internship Program which provides work experiences for students as young as 12 years old. Her journey in KidoCode paved way to finding her interest in coding and eventually continuing it as her career path. After a year of joining KidoCode, she now secured a job as a Software Engineer!

    (Software Engineering @Telensa)
  • My internship period in KidoCode is amazing. I graduated my diploma in Customer Services. I learned all my programming skill through KidoCode. Now I know how do coding in Python, HTML, CSS, C++ and more. After I finished my internship, I continue to work at KidoCode as a full time trainer. I have developed 2 website and currently I'm developing new content on the mobile application. KidoCode is really a place that provides a UNIQUE internship then the others.

    Carol Tsai Jia Ru
    (Trainer @KidoCode)
  • Adrian joined us in 2017 while he is studying Chemical Engineering. His interest in coding paved way when he joined us and was exposed to programming languages like Python and C#. Now he is pursuing his career in the IT department as a Software Engineer.

  • KidoCode company got a perfect working environment as all are working to reach the company's goal. CEO of the company treating all as same so this leads to a cooperation between employees . As gaining knowledge, In KidoCode I learned a lot of thing belongs to my field based on arduino and python. What am really thankful for is that i learned how to code from scratch. I had a good experience there and really appreciate the company's advices for better work and better life. Thank you!

    Abdelrahman Ashraf
    (Electronics and Electrical Engineering)
  • Assyikin

  • My experience in KidoCode was amazing. People are very nice and cooperative there. More importantly I was learning many new things daily. My supervisor was a great person who taught me a lot especially in electronics.

    Omer Hassen Mohammed
    (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Afrie

  • My internship period at KidoCode was a very enjoyable one. Where I experience what its like to have one foot in the working world, preparing me for whats to come in other working environment.

    Arif Iskandar Bin Adlan Rahim
    (Engineering Technology In Computer Systems)
  • Ahmed Taufiq

  • I think the internship is pretty good. An eye opening experience.

    Irfan harith
    (Computer Engineering)
  • Ali

  • It was a great experience working in KidoCode I have learned a lot from my internship specially from Mr. Maysam. I have experienced how to work in team and have chance to teach kids programming.

    Firuz Akhmadov
    (Information Technology)
  • Asyraaf

  • The internship was really helpful. As someone who is interested in programming, it really made me grow as a programmer as I learn a new programming language and enhance more on the rest. It also helped me improve my soft skills as I have more confidence in talking with new people and teaching.

    Muhammad Firdaus
    (Computer Engineering)
  • Azeez

  • It’s been a very good experience working at KidoCode. I’ve learned and gain many new skills like communication, teaching and many more. I really enjoyed working at KidoCode and happy be in a great social and freindly working environment. I really enhanced my quality of work and I love being with kids. I appreciate them a lot. Thank you!

    Muhammad Firdaus
    (Computer Engineering)
  • Efni

  • It's been a very good experience working at KidoCode. I've learned many new things and I really enjoyed working at KidoCode. I really enhanced my quality of work and I love being with kids. All my colleagues were so friendly. I appreciate them a lot. Thank you!

    (Information Technology)
  • Fitri

  • My internship at KidoCode has taught me more than I could have imagined. My internship has given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me. Since it is a learning centre, KidoCode has proved me that knowledge is everything in life. Besides learning about coding & mathematics, KidoCode also taught me to enhance my communication skills with everyone there. This has truly been a great learning experience and I'll be forever indebted to those who gave me a hand here.

    Shawaltul Najwa Binti Sahazali
    (Computer Science )
  • Gautham

  • I had a really pleasant experience. I had the chance to learn and earn money at the same time and I've gained a lot of skills and knowledge throughout my internship. It has made me learn how to wake up early everyday and it's very useful to have now. I also met a lot of very unique and different people and I get to interact and talk to them! I hope I will get this experience again.

  • Harris

  • During the internship period, I have learned a lot from KidoCode. One of it is the new knowledge regarding IT which I learned new programming language and explored more about web development and electronics. I also learned a real experience of working in KidoCode. It helps me improve my social skills as it requires me to communicate with customers with different type of background and also with my workmates.

    Mohammad Azril bin Ahmad Tarmidzi
    (Information Technology)
  • Nadiah

  • It was great! I experienced lots of things and make new friends. I have to say that i am glad that i decided to go for my internship there before i pursue my studies because it helps me to be more confident and that i learn new programming language which i never got the chance to learn before during my diploma. I would definitely come back here for my degree internship and would recommend it to my friends so that we can share the same experience and learn new things together.

    Lina Insyirah
    (Computer Science)
  • Jarod

  • A great place to gain new and exciting experiences. Helped to improve my programming as well as communication skills. Thumbs up!

    Nadhirah Nordin
    (Computer Engineering @MMU)
  • Naqiuddin

  • Working as an intern at KidoCode was a very enjoyable experience as I managed to work and speak to the other students which I would not normally have the courage to do. All the other interns and trainers are really friendly and helpful. I was able to learn more than I did as a student and would definitely recommend anyone to take up this internship.

  • Rabiatul

  • one and a half year learning at KidoCode It was a very fun experience, challenging at times but overall really amazing. There’s a very nice ambience and people are very friendly ;)

    Chloe Luthi
    (Student @LFKL)
  • Shazrina

  • My internship experience at KidoCode has been an amazing journey. I was given a lot of opportunities to learn various new topics and slowly fell in love with them along the way. I had a great time working with the team to teach and inspire hundreds and thousands of children everyday. But the thing I value the most is that KidoCode provided me with the opportunity to change the lives of children and planting the seed of love of learning in them. And for that, I would always be grateful. Thank you KidoCode!

  • Siti

  • My internship with KidoCode is a great experience for me.This internship help me to be more confident, more professional and more patient. In this 3 months, I learned how to join together with kids with different cultures, different backgrounds and different personalities, how to guide them and motivate them when they facing problem in their coding challenges. Of course, I have learned a lot of valuable knowledges in programming, mathematics, marketing and so on, which is useful for my future career.

  • i would say my experience with KidoCode has been a wonderful 6 month , teach me a lot and expose me with working environment.